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Camper / RV Safety Practices from RV Storage to Campsite

pattesons self storageBefore you go on vacation, check out KOA’s top recommendations for RV Safety:

You just pulled your camper or motor home out of the RV storage facility. You’re all set! Ready for vacation, right?

No… not unless you’ve read over these safety recommendations by the camping experts at KOA!

KOA’s website says that campers tell their organization that safety is their #1 concern when planning their camping trips and vacations. That’s why KOA goes to great lengths to ensure our campgrounds are safe, secure places for your family to enjoy. But there are things you can do to make your camping trip safe.

Patterson’s Self Storage wants you to enjoy the safest vacation season ever.  We’ve researched these safety tips. We want you to come back soon, and pull safely back into your RV storage spot here at our secure Waxhaw facility!

Here are a few tips:

  • RV storageSmoke alarm – If your RV doesn’t have at least one, get one and install it before your next trip. And don’t forget to push that little “test” button before every trip and change the battery at least once a year.
  • Fire extinguisher – You’ll need at least two; one for the galley and one for your sleeping area. Be sure to get a chemical extinguisher good for any type of fire. Every time you return to your RV storage spot, make sure the fire extinguisher is in tact and where it should be.
  • Propane leak detector – Get a detector, and install it close to the floor (LP gas will settle to the lowest point).
  • Carbon monoxide detector – Have all of your exhaust systems checked, then install a detector at shoulder level. The battery needs replacing at least once a year, too.
  • Personal security – Put locks on all of your RVs sliding doors and windows. You should also double lock your doors (just like at home) and leave your outside “security light” on at night. But the best security is to not travel alone. Staying in rest areas or parking lots can give RVers a false sense of security. The best bet is to stick together with other RVers and campers in regular campgrounds such as KOAs. Although Patterson’s Self Storage is gated, fenced, and under constant security surveillance, make sure your camper or RV is locked tight when you store it.
  • Practice, practice, practice – RVs are typically a lot longer than the vehicle you usually drive. Take the time to get used to the vehicle before hitting the road.