Climate controlled storage units can be described as “temperature controlled” units.  These units are cooled in the summer months and heated during the winter to maintain temperatures within a constant range so that your valuables are not exposed to extreme fluctuations of temperature, making the environment less conducive to humidity.  Sometimes changes in temperature can damage wood furniture, electronics, and various forms of plastic and wax.  Here are the types of valuables and equipment we recommend be kept in a climate controlled storage unit:

  • Heirlooms and keepsake items such as antiques and photos, film, old archived papers, picture albums and scrapbooks
  • Files with important archived papers that need to be kept free from humidity during the hot months
  • Electronic equipment
  • Commercial machinery and equipment that would otherwise be kept in a conditioned environment due to vulnerability to rust and exposure of electronic parts
  • Plastic or wax that could melt
  • Delicate ornaments or decor items that have pieces glued together – glue can become brittle or weak if exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Valuable wood home furnishings


Climate controlled spaces are also ideal for the comfort of customers who visit their storage spaces frequently. If you are coming to your storage unit often and year-round, take note that summers in this climate are extremely hot, often more than 90 degrees in the mid summer months, and winters in this area can be extremely cold with periods of temperatures in the teens.  Humidity and icy weather are not uncommon around here.  For this reason, we offer climate controlled storage options at Patterson’s Self Storage.

A storage unit that is climate controlled is a more expensive option, for obvious reasons.  Our cost to maintain the temperatures in these units is a main factor in setting the pricing for these units. We offer 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 10×25 and generously sized 15×15 climate controlled storage units, priced competitively and carefully monitored to assure that your belongings are protected.

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