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Storage Unit FAQ’s2019-06-17T15:41:40-04:00

Here are some of the frequently Asked Questions about Patterson’s Self Storage. We maintain the safest, most secure and easily accessible storage unit facility around.  Let us help you gain access to a storage unit sized just for your belongings so you are paying exactly what you should for the square footage you need.  Read over our FAQ’s and feel free to CONTACT US if your storage unit questions are not answered here.

What size storage unit do I need?2019-06-17T15:44:18-04:00

Choosing the right size storage unit is important, and that’s why Patterson’s Self Storage make it easy for you.
Use the guide below to assess which unit is right for your storage needs.

At our self storage facility we have units as small as 5′ x 10′, up to 10′ x 30′ which is similar in size to a long single car garage and can hold a boat and automobile, as shown on the illustration here.  See our size and price chart to view the different sizes and availability of storage units in climate controlled vs. non-climate-controlled options.


Where is your storage in Waxhaw?2015-05-31T21:48:58-04:00

Patterson’s Self Storage is not far from downtown Waxhaw. Our facility is near the intersection of McNeely Road and Highway 75, between Waxhaw and Mineral Springs. We are easily accessible from Monroe, Wesley Chapel, Weddington, Marvin and even places along highway 521 in South Carolina like Lancaster and Indian Land. Since we are located along a main road extending from Monroe to Waxhaw, it will be easy for you to find us and access your belongings stored here. We the most conveniently located fully gated and secured facility for storage in Waxhaw.

What’s the cost to rent a storage unit?2015-05-31T21:07:23-04:00

We have outdoor storage for as little as $50 per month non-climate controlled units starting around $65 per month.  Prices vary depending on size and other options. Climate controlled storage units are more than $100 per month to rent, but this option is necessary if you are storing certain items that need to be protected from humidity  or extreme temperatures. Our most expensive storage solution is less than $200.  If you are looking to rent a storage unit in the Waxhaw area, you’ll find that Patterson’s Self Storage offers great values.

Why Choose Climate Controlled Storage?2016-11-04T21:21:45-04:00

How Do I know if I need Climate Controlled Storage?

Determining whether or not you need to store your items in a climate controlled storage unit is a matter of thinking about how exposure to humidity and extreme temperatures of your climate would effect your items over time. It is impossible to prevent some humidity and moisture from being inside of a space where the temperature is not controlled and maintained and the environment is not constant.  Temperatures between 55°F and 85°F are maintained in our climate controlled storage units. At Patterson’s Self Storage, all of our units are securely enclosed and resistant to pests and outdoor elements, however a climate controlled storage unit offers a level of control that offers maximum dust and humidity protection for your valuables and/or equipment.  If you will be storing your things for a long time (several months or more) and during periods of drastic changes in the weather, we recommend climate controlled storage.  (We have cold winters with temperatures in the 30’s and hot, humid summers here in Waxhaw!) 

Also if you plan on visiting your storage unit often, it would be nice to keep your unit conditioned year round so that you will be comfortable when moving around inside of your unit upon each visit.  Here is a list of items that you should strongly consider storing in a conditioned, climate controlled space:

•Computers, Stores

•Photos, Books



•Family Heirlooms


Do you have RV storage?2019-06-17T15:45:18-04:00
RV storage Waxhaw

Outdoor Storage Options

Looking for a place in Waxhaw to store your RV? Yes we have RV storage here at Patterson’s Self Storage. We offer 10×20, 10×30 and 12×40 outdoor storage size options, starting at only $50/month.  If you or anyone you know is in need of secure, conveniently located outdoor vehicle, boat of RV storage, for either personal or commercial vehicles, call us or use the contact form on this website to contact us via email. Your RV will be safe and secure inside of our fully enclosed, fenced facility, under 24 hour security surveillance.  Enjoy using your RV, and let us worry about the storage and security of your valuable vehicle while you’re not using it for pleasure trips.  People enjoy storing their RVs and boats at our facility because of our convenient location. It’s easy to access your vehicle or boat, get out onto Highway 75, and go! Take a look and see what we have available for outdoor and RV storage now.

What exactly is Self Storage?2016-11-04T21:21:45-04:00

Self storage offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can control themselves. You can clean out your basement, garage or shed or declutter your home, and store some of your personal belongings off of your own property inside of a secure, carefully monitored self storage facility.  If you are a business owner, you can store business related files, equipment, even vehicles in a place where you can access them as often as you need to, and conveniently located, away from your home and in our accessible storage facility, under 24-hour security surveillance. Call Patterson’s self storage if this is something you need.

Do the same Pattersons own Pattersons Mini Storage AND Pattersons Self Storage?2015-05-21T17:36:15-04:00

The Patterson family owns both Pattersons Mini Storage and Pattersons Self Storage. Conveniently located on highway 75 near Mineral Springs, our Waxhaw storage facilities offer a variety of climate controlled and non-climate controlled options, all managed by the same family. We’ve been in the storage unit business for a long time, serving Union County and beyond.

Can I pay online for my storage unit?2019-06-17T15:46:18-04:00
pay online

Pay For Storage Online

We offer an easy way to pay online, right here on our website. Click the button on our menu and you will go to a secure payment site where you log in and conveniently pay for your storage online. If you have any questions about our online payment or policies, feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website.  Just like our storage unit facility, we make paying for your storage EASY, SAFE and CONVENIENT. At Patterson’s Self Storage, we do all that we can to make things convenient and simple for our customers.

How long has the Patterson family operated Waxhaw mini warehouse facilities?2019-06-17T15:48:24-04:00
pattersons mini storage

Son Tony and Father Delano Patterson at their first Mini-Storage facility in Waxhaw

Patterson’s Self Storage is a brand new facility, yet the Patterson family has owned and managed Waxhaw mini warehouse facilities in this area for a long time – nearly 20 years. Our experience with storage began when the Delano Patterson first opened Patterson’s Mini Storage near our new Self Storage warehouse facility.  We are Union County NC natives, familiar with this area and available to help anyone moving into the area or in need of local storage.  Patterson’s Waxhaw storage facilities were built to suit the needs of locals seeking to securely store their commercial and personal items, including boxed home goods, boats, vehicles of all kinds and work-related equipment. Come check out our newest Waxhaw mini warehouse facility with the GREEN doors on the units. We intend on serving this community for years to come and look forward to meeting you if you’re new to the Waxhaw area.

Check out our other Waxhaw mini warehouse facility at this link: (Patterson’s Mini Storage is located right beside Patterson’s Self storage on highway 75 between Monroe and Waxhaw.)

Do you have a secure storage facility?2019-06-17T15:48:18-04:00

gated_storageWe have a gated and secure storage facility in Waxhaw, NC monitored 24-7.  We are in a safe area and assure our customers that we are carefully protecting your vehicles or personal goods here. Since we have managed secure storage facilities like Patterson’s Self Storage for nearly two decades, we understand how to survey and maintain excellent security and our priority is to keep your belongings safe.

Do you have a place for boat storage?2015-05-19T21:06:59-04:00

We offer boat storage here and we also offer you a place to store any type of sport utility vehicle or automobile. If you need boat storage, give us a call!

Do you offer climate controlled storage?2019-06-17T15:49:02-04:00

climate-controlledYes. Patterson’s Self Storage offers climate controlled units.  Go HERE to see what’s available! We offer a variety of climate controlled storage sizes. If you have valuable items that are environmentally sensitive and would be difficult to replace if exposed to extreme temperatures, bring them to Patterson’s Self Storage. Climate Controlled storage units keep items in a constant environment (temperatures between 55°F and 85°F).  It costs a little more to using our climate controlled storage units, but for certain items and commercial equipment, it’s necessary and worth it.  Since North Carolina is known for having high humidity weather, using climate controlled storage would be a sure way to protect your valuables from being exposed to any type of moisture or extreme temperatures.

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